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International Friends of Nature 

Tradition : The Friends of Nature organization was founded in Vienna in 1895. In the age of incipient tourism the organization succeeded in making nature accessible to broader population strata by providing requisite recreational and travel facilities. Even then, the organization's activities were aimed at getting people to beautiful natural settings, at awakening their love of nature and at imparting to them knowledge about nature and culture. Parallel with the rise of the modern industrialized society and of commercial tourism the Friends of Nature developed a professional commitment to nature and environment protection and had a major share in advancing the theory and practice of alternative forms of ecological tourism. Friends of Nature International is the global umbrella organization and a member of the Green 10, the platform of the ten largest European environmental organizations. The members are better known as the "Naturefriends."

Aims : The work of the Friends of Nature rests on the conviction that people's opportunities of personal development are inextricably linked with the protection of nature and the conservation of natural resources. Hence, the Friends of Nature have, since their inception, taken a stand for the conservation of an environment worth living in, for peace and international understanding, for the social and democratic rights of all people, and for a meaningful organization of leisure time. Building on their century-old tradition, the Friends of Nature are nowadays committed to the implementation of sustainable development, in particular to trans-boundary environmental solutions and to an environmentally and socially sound tourism.

Naturefriends are internationally, ecologically and socially minded
Environmental protection and social justice are the causes espoused by the Naturefriends movement, which is global in character and democratic in structure. The focus of Naturefriends activities is on designing and implementing sustainability schemes for the environment and for the society at regional, national and international level.

Naturefriends stand for :

 . tourism and leisure activities that are socially equitable and in tune with nature

 . the protection, preservation and dynamic interpretation of our natural and cultural heritage

 . the promotion of sustainable mobility as a contribution to climate protection

Naturefriends Advocate and act for:

  Nature Interpretation
Inspiring people to connect with and to preserve the natural environment and to introduce them to biodiversity have been major concerns of the Naturefriends movement from its very inception.

  Respectful Sustainable Tourism Development
Naturefriends advocate a socially, culturally and ecologically benign development of tourism.

 Climate Protection
Naturefriends are actively engaged in environment and climate protection, organizing pertinent campaigns and projects.

  Sustainable Regional Development
Naturefriends activities are designed to support regions in opting for sustainable tourism.

  Political Commitment
Naturefriends are engaged in lobbying and educational activities as well as forming intensive networking with a view to popular issues relating to the environment, to the climate change and the policy to protect the climate and to social policy at regional, national and international level.

   Worldwide Solidarity - Universal Brotherhood
Naturefriends put in train intercultural projects and encounters and demand fair and respectful behavior vis-à-vis all people, irrespective of their color, ethnicity, sex or religious beliefs.

Commitment to sustainable development : The biennial proclamation of a "Landscape of the Year" exemplifies how sustainable regional development can be put into practice. International environmental campaigns, such as "100,000 Trees for Europe" or "Blue Rivers for Europe" and "Green Paths" are intended to enhance environmental awareness in Europe and to offer members opportunities to take action in the interest of the environment. In 1995, the International Friends of Nature set up the "Institute for Integrative Tourism" (IITF) with the intent to input the concept of sustainability into research and training in this field. The "Manifesto for a New Europe" (1993) and the "Manifesto for a Social, Ecological and Peaceful Future" (1996), proposals submitted to the Inter-governmental Conference of the European Union, and the " Green Paper - The Alps" are examples of international lobbying by the Friends of Nature.

Friends of Nature worldwide : With 500,000 members organized in approximately 3,500 groups, with 50 full-fledged offices and about 35,000 voluntary workers, the Friends of Nature are among the biggest non-profit and non-governmental organizations worldwide. Apart from seminars and information material they provide environmentally sound leisure-time and travel programs for their members and run over 1,000 Nature Friends Houses in Europe and overseas.  The International Friends of Nature (IFN) is based in Vienna, which  is the umbrella organization of the National Federations and Partner Organizations of Friends of Nature world wide.

Some of the International Activities of Naturefriends:


100000 Trees for Europe!

Our first tree plantation was under this movement.

Blue Rivers for Europe (Blue Rivers are for Everywhere)

The ?Blue Rivers for Europe? campaign was launched by the International Friends of Nature on the 22th mars 1997. 

Natura 2000 "Protecting Landscapes- Experiencing Europe"

Preserving landscapes and biological diversity has always been a prime goal pursued by Friends of Nature. The European Union, too, has understood the vital role of our natural heritage and has enshrined the protection of Europe's habitats as well as of its animal and plant species in Community law. With its aim of setting up an all-European network of protected areas, Natura 2000 is a milestone in the Community nature protection policy.

A Chance for Man and Nature

Protecting and preserving our common European natural heritage is one of the major challenges we are faced with in the 21st century. Even though much has been achieved with previous strategies against the extinction of species and the loss of habitats, such as the designation of nature reserves or statutory restrictions on use, the overall effect has been insufficient. 

We, Nepalese Naturefriends, also work for regional climate change issues, environment issues, clean rivers and green ecological path for the mountains.

Gentle Travel (Eco-Travel / Tours / Treks)

Leisure and tourism have come to be two of the most prominent features in our world. Every single study predicts that these sectors will continue to grow and to gain importance. Hence, leisure and tourism will also in future provide broad scope for the work of numerous non-profit-making organizations and a large market for the manufacturing and services industries.

We always promote and organize environment friendly travel / trekking programs with well versed guides, porters and Sherpas. We want to give priority to Village Tourism and promote sustainable Eco trekking / hiking activities

Green Paths - for Future

Natural and cultural landscapes in Europe are jeopardized by increasing traffic, by accelerating urbanization and by indiscriminate settling towards the countryside or sub-urban green areas. In the European Union alone, landscapes are cut up by 3.5 million km of roads, which is approximately 90 times the earth's circumference. Every day, an average of 10 ha of land are sacrificed to the construction of motorways. In developing countries like Nepal, we have made roadways in many conventional trekking trails, without proper homework . We have to be cautious in each and every development tasks.

Landscape of the Year

Every two years since 1989, the international Presidents' Conference of the Nature Friends federations have proclaimed a trans-boundary, ecologically valuable and endangered European region as Landscape of the Year. The principal aim pursued with every "Landscape of the Year" project is the sustainable development of the region selected. To achieve this aim the Friends of Nature have chosen a three-pronged approach, seeking to strike a balance between the implementation of practical projects, the organization of events and hands-on activities for participants as well as political consciousness building and lobbying at regional, national and international level.

Friends of Nature Nepal: This is a service oriented, Non-Profit, Non-Governmental, Voluntary Organization,  dedicated to the conservation of environment and promote eco-tourism. It is the Partner Organization of International Friends of Nature - Vienna, Austria. The members here are known as "Nepalese Naturefriends". We are dedicated to achieve our objectives and make the World a better place to live in. We think globally but act locally. You are most welcome to visit our Projectsand Activitiesto know more.

In Nepal, our organization was formed in 1994 by some enthusiastic young people with the similar objectives of Naturefriends all over the world. Our members come from various walks of life. In 1995 we got the status of Partner Organization from International Friends of Nature. Now we do various small projects / activities related to the conservation of environment. 

Our Objectives are almost similar to the International Naturefriends' Objectives.

1.    To study, to do research and to act for the betterment of natural, cultural and tourist environment of the country.

2.    To work accordingly and to organize public awareness campaign in order to control environmental pollution, initiating measures for the protection of endangered species, flora and fauna, natural wild life conservation.

3.    To mobilize all available resources in order to create a healthy tourism industry and environment.

4.    To do all necessary works like: cleaning campaign, tree plantation, awareness program, workshops, seminars etc., in order to create healthy tourism- free from pollution by the locals or by the tourists themselves.

5.    To organize cultural exchange programs in order to create Universal Brotherhood and to give new life to our traditional culture, art, dance, and music and to introduce these to the visiting tourists - which will also help our traditional artists for the betterment of their livelihood.

6.    To do research work and practice for nearly lost oriental meditation, natural therapy and mental peace techniques in order to act for peace and friendship to the whole world etc.

Our members and non-members both can view our website to get more information, to contact us and to get updates. Interested individuals and organizations are also welcome to participate, work with us or suggest us.. You are welcome to contact us and to get our newsletters join our yahoo e-group (naturetour), by sending your valid email address in .

To achieve our objectives and to get a better know-how for the environment protection and preserving the climate, we have also developed our contacts to many local and international organizations, like Pesticides Action Network (PAN), World Wildlife Fund, (WWF), World Wetlands Networks (WWN), Greenpeace etc.

To give sustainability to our various activities, we organize eco-treks in different parts of Nepal. Our eco-treks are basically done by our own members, who have a good experience both in the conservation as well as handling nature-lover trekkers.

Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region & Other Areas

We also organize educational and cultural walks in and around Kathmandu.

If you are planning to come over to Nepal, and want to interact and trek with us, please contact us.


k|s[ltsf ;fyLx?

(Prakriti Ka Sathiharu)
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