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(Prakriti ka Sathiharu)

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Friends of Nature Nepal (Prakriti ka Sathiharu in Nepali)  is a service oriented, Non-Governmental, Voluntary Organization dedicated to the conservation of environment and promote eco-tourism. It is the Partner Organization of International Friends of Nature- Vienna, Austria

Friends of Nature- Nepal

Priority Projects:

1 Friends of Nature-Center:  

We are going to make a "Friends of Nature" center in the external vicinity of Kathmandu. We have already selected the land in Chovar area - on the way to Dakshin Kali from Kathmandu and duly asked for the land from concerned Government authorities.

The Initial design Layout is also complete. However, so far, we have not been allotted the land because of various unstable government in the past. 

We have tried a lot for getting this land, which we failed because of all the red-tape bureaucracy of the unstable Government in the past. So we are raising money to buy or lease our own land to make this goal happen

2 Sustainable Tree Plantation Project: We have been planting trees since our establishment in 1994. We were going to plant trees in 500 Ropanies (Ropani is a unit of measurement of land in Nepal and 1 Ropani = 74 feet x 74 feet) of Barren land in Kevalpur Village Development Committee of Dhading district. We have already finished the initial talk with the concerned local authorities as well as with mass public of the village and will proceed further.

{Please note that this project has been suspended because of the legality of the land ownership that we were going to get! The government decided that a particular Village Development Committee ( local government in the grass root level) could not possess land more than 35 ropanies and this V.D.C. had more than 500 ropanies which we were given, but now this land has become a property of "Department of Forest" so we can not do anything, and our initial efforts have gone to vain. However, we are trying once again from a different angle to get this. Hopefully with the new strong government in Power and the new laws are being drafted as per the new constitution, we may be able to achieve this goal}

In continuation of this project we do almost every year some programs of tree plantations, in the months of June/ July.

Some Other Projects:

1. Uplift Chitlang- Women Project
2. Public Awareness for Eco- Tourism - A campaign Project
3. Tree Plantation programs: Regularly on June/ July.
One of our Tree Plantation Site is at the Royal Nepal Golf Course at Tilganga, near the Tribhuvan International Airport.
4. Education Project - focused for girl child of Saraswati Public School in Jitpur Phedi Village Development Committee. ( We have been supported by UNWG for this program )
5.Pesticides Watch Group - We have formed an informal watch group for the use and misuse / dumping of Pesticides in Nepal.

The public awareness for the dose / use of pesticides is lacking in various vegetables growing farming villages. We are looking for volunteers to teach our interested members for the awareness and we can do the campaign together.

6.Social Pharmacy Group- We have formed an informal Group working voluntarily for the social aspect of pharmaceutical science, the rational use of drug and sanitation & public health awareness.



k|s[ltsf ;fyLx?

(Prakriti Ka Sathiharu)
1557 Ram Shah Path
GPO Box 10544
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Telephone : (+ + 977 1 ) 4226775
Fax : (+ + 977 1 ) 4231529


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